Washerplate ImageWasherPlate™ will remove corrosive material before it can dry and bond to pipe while applying an inhibitor directly to the metal surface. Pipes cleaned with WasherPlate™ are safer and easier to remove and inspect. Handling tools are kept in good working order with less cleanup during the pulling operation. All materials washed off the pipe are contained in the well or channeled to a pit or tank for proper disposal with the use of a Containment Head™. When the pipe is ready to be re-installed into the well, a WasherPlate™ can be used to apply a coat of inhibitor to the entire pipe surface using a low pressure chemical pump.

The pressure needed to clean pipe can range from less than 100 PSI for foam applications, and up to 4500 PSI for tough jobs. The use of a WasherPlate™ to clean pipe improves the handling, testing and inspection of the pipe for further use during workover operations. Clean collars and threads allows for correct torquing and sealing of each connection while re-installing pipe back into the well.

If you need to minimize the amount of water used, then a Diverter Valve will vastly reduce the water required to clean the pipe. A Diverter Valve is an air operated valve that diverts the water back to a holding tank when the airslips are engaged and the pipe is not being moved in or out of the well.

Each WasherPlate™ weighs over one hundred pounds and should be handled with care. The WasherPlate™ will set directly on the well head, and the airslips will rest atop the WasherPlate™. When the airslips are engaged, the WasherPlate™ will bear the string weight under normal conditions. When choosing a WasherPlate™, take into consideration string weight, pipe diameter, and the chemicals that will be used. Stainless steel construction is an option if you intend to use high pressure or certain chemicals.

If you are interested in this tool and have questions or would like more information, please Contact Us. We will be glad to work with you. We know that each field and each formation is different, and your investment in pipe increases each year. It is our goal to extend the life of your pipe and improve conditions at the well head when pulling pipe.

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WasherPlate™ Specifications

Model Dimensions Load Pressure Rating
T-25 15″OD x 6″ID x 3.5″ height 50,000 lb * max 4500 p.s.i
T-50 15″OD x 6″ID x 3.75 height 100,000 lb * max 4500 p.s.i
T-100 Available by special order only.
*String weight should not exceed 80% of load capacity.
Stainless steel construction is available.
Spray nozzle position is available in:
  • 120 degree = 3 nozzles
  • 90 degree = 4 nozzles
  • 72 degree = 5 nozzles