Frequently Asked Questions

WasherPlate™ is a tool for cleaning pipe during the well servicing operation.

Washing pipe removes corrosive material which improves inspection and testing to ensure damaged pipe is discovered and removed.

Using a Diverter Valve: 25 to 30 gallons per thousand feet.
Without Diverter Valve: 100 to 150 gallons per thousand feet.

The soap and water can be channeled to a pit or tank for disposal or reclaimed with the use of a Containment Head™. Without a Containment Head™ the soap and water is contained in the well, then removed by other methods.

WasherPlates™ are constructed in weight categories according to string weight. Available models are T-25 (25 ton) and T-50 (50 ton). Over 50 ton available by special order.

When removing pipe, a power washer can be equipped to allow chemical injection into the spray stream. This process allows for the introduction of a safe level of beneficial chemicals to inhibit and stop corrosion while cleaning the pipe.

While installing pipe, a chemical pump can be used to apply an inhibitior directly on the pipe surface, guaranteeing 100% coverage.

WasherPlate™ cleans pipe at the well head before it leaves the well providing a safer working condition for workers handling pipe.

The cost of providing this service can be estimated the same as other similar services on a per foot basis with a minimum hourly charge plus chemicals.

The savings acquired by including this process when servicing a well are realized in longer production periods and lower servicing costs.

  1. WasherPlate™, that meets weight requirements.
  2. Diverter Valve, if a lower water volume is needed.
  3. Containment Head™, if you don’t want water down the well.
  4. Power Washer, choose a washer that meets your needs.
  5. Chemical Pump, for applying inhibitor when running pipe in.
  6. Wash water tank, if using a containment head.

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