About Us

“Necessity is the mother of all invention” – Plato 347 BC

I had been working in the oil field for many years when by chance, a solution to a corrosion problem that I was dealing with occurred to me and set in motion the design and development of WasherPlate. Being in the oil business requires problem solving and if a new idea comes along even if it is to an old problem, it is wise to consider its usefulness.

oil-fieldThe issue that I needed to find a solution to was under deposit corrosion on tubing and how best to remove the deposit without replacing the pipe in each well. Water jet cleaning the pipe surface at the wellhead was proven the most effective method. The development of a tool to allow for water jetting at the wellhead also created a way to apply barrier protection directly to the pipe surface. Applying barrier protection to a clean surface is a NACE recommended practice and surface preparation is considered a crucial step to ensure proper application of materials. WasherPlate makes removing or applying materials to pipe easy and adjustments can be made to the pressure or amount of water and chemicals needed to clean and treat pipe. Using a WasherPlate was a needed addition to our well servicing procedure, ensuring that clean pipe free of debris and chemicals would make pulling and inspecting pipe safer and easier.

The boom and bust cycle of oil prices can be a major issue when considering new practices and preventive measures dealing with corrosion can have the most effect at low cost. Operators who depend on a successful treating program should consider cleaning pipe with a WasherPlate each time pipe is pulled to ensure the proper construction of barrier protection.