Connect WasherPlate™ to any power washer,
then clean and treat pipe as you pull it.

  • Surface preparation for barrier protection.
  • Most cost-effective cleaning and treating method.
  • Apply barrier protection during reentry.
Atop Well Head

Corrosion damaged pipe is the most common reason for lost production time and higher operating cost. Clean pipe is the first step to ensure your batch-treating program can succeed and your time and money are well spent. A process is available to oil and gas well operators to clean and prepare pipe surface during removal and after inspection and testing apply a film forming inhibitor directly to pipe surface during re installation. Inhibitors are meant to form a barrier between the pipe and any corrosive elements present. If corrosive materials are on the wrong side of this barrier, they will continue to damage pipe. Adding this inexpensive and cost effective process will increase your production time between servicing. Try a WasherPlate™ on your next well and see how simple it is to use and the benefits it adds to the whole process.

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If you are interested in this tool and have questions or would like more information, please Contact Us. We will be glad to work with you. We know that each field and each formation is different, and your investment in pipe increases each year. It is our goal to extend the life of your pipe and improve conditions at the well head when pulling pipe.

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